Sandown Racing Club


New and veteran racing fans are invited to become founding members of the Sandown Racing Club.

Enter the lively world of horse racing; gift yourself, family or friends a membership for $250.

Experience the excitement of owning a racehorse and watching it cross the finish line in your colours. 

The Club will lease 3 horses with the intent to race through the 2019 season.

 This unique and lasting gift will provide months worth of excitement and a lifetime of memories.

To sign up go to:

or email:


Must be 19 or over


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Birds For Sale


Red bovan

Red Bovans

We have 10 week Red Bovans for sale. Guaranteed girls. This European breed has all the traditional traits loved in chickens, whilst being excellent producers. Unlike the N. American counterparts, no clipped beaks.

Price average : $15  Inclined to increase as they mature.



We have a small stock of Sasso’s at point-of-lay available. Lovely coloring, pasture-raised and free-run.

Price : $28

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