Thoroughbred Sale 2017 Consignment



At White House Stables, a significant part of our livelihood comes from the horses we breed, this is not a hobby for us. We believe that success starts from conception and we breed for results on the track, so nothing is compromised, we ensure they have had the best start possible

White House Stables Sale Consignment history

To view the catalogue details of our horses click here Hip Numbers 26 & 81


Hip # 26   Second In Command colt out of Chilli Chines named Ray the Rascal

IMG_2665 4

Hip # 81        Numaany colt out of Reinforcement  named “Numaany’s Reward”

This years colts are a pair of really mature characters and for the first time ever, we’ve had to split them up into separate fields 2 months before the sale instead of 2 weeks like we normally would.

Although we would like to wrap them in cotton wool to keep them in one piece for the sale, we believe that they have to be horses first, if they are going to survive the rigours of life and a career in racing.

Since 2004, when we started breeding specifically for our annual sale, White House Stables has consigned 31 horses, including four that are two year-olds this year.

Of the 27 older horses, all have raced, except a filly that died before her 2 yr old year.

They have combined earnings of $1,918,125

That’s an average earnings per horse of $70,264 averaging 16.6 starts each.

Of those 27 runners we have produced:-

3 champions from 3 different mares That is 9% Champions

22% stakes winners, 29% stakes horses.

Stanz In Command Champion  at 2 & 3



Herbie D :- Horse of the year and Twice Champion sprinter

Ookashada at the BC Derby 2007

Ookashada ;- Champion at 2 & 3