With watering restrictions coming into effect before May is even over, this summer is a great time to look at installing catchment of any precious raindrops.  Come and see our new stock of rainwater barrels and supplies! Call for great prices on all sorts of tanks, we have great prices on top quality equipment from Barrs plastics  as their Island stockist. Check out their amazing website full of information, catalogues etc.


As always we try and offer the best personal service we can,  there is often a lag time on the bigger tanks from when we order, to getting them on the Island so please factor that in. We are able to offer a prompt delivery service when needed.

The smaller tanks 200 – 1500 litres  should be available at all times.

We have also linked up with Jess Bossert of Tempest Rainwater     He has great knowledge on all the different systems and ways of collecting and managing water

After installing a keyline design water retention system as a joint pilot project with the CRD and Tayler Krawczyk  of Hatchet and Seed, IMG_2397in our front pasture in the fall of 2014 this new venture ties in nicely with our concern over water and how to treasure it, retain it and use it wisely