We have 50ft round pens for around $2000 These are very strong, safe for your horse, 10ft panels, welded center braces yet light enough to move to new locations on your farm. Come and see this lovely new range of fencing we are carrying.

well designed and strongly made

well designed and strongly made

mesh  10 foot panels

We started 25 years ago carrying Pro Form feeds, and still only carry this company’s product though it’s now renamed Trouw Nutrition  The Hi Pro mill is BC’s largest feed mill and the only HCAAP accredited in the province. They have four full time nutritionists on staff to answer all your questions.

They can be reached at: 1-800-663-2267

Over the years of feeding animals, we have seen time and time again, that the quality of what you put in your animals is reflected in the results, whether it’s a champion racehorse or a healthy heavy weaner piglet or a high producing chicken, you will notice the difference too!


A comparison of sugar levels in various feed sources

Hay is supplied from Washington and B.C. and is tested so you know what you’re buying in terms of protein and sugar content, etc.    Reading a hay analysis

Currently in stock: Alfalfa, timothy, and straw.

Quality hay, all with test results

Quality hay, all with test results

We also carry alfalfa and mix hay cubes from Alfatec

Straw, white soft wood baled shavings, and stall bedding pellets and Healthi Strw.

Straw. We deliver!

Straw. We deliver!


For keeping your stalls smelling sweet we have Stall Dri and Diatomaceous Earth, an organic compound for use in your home, garden, and stables. Just some of its uses include carpet deodorizer, compost enhancer, stall refresher, and chicken house mite killer.

Pet Food
We carry Canadian made pet food from Canadian owned companies.
We carry Pro Forms own brand of dog and cat food made from only N. American sourced products, By  manufacturing direct to customers the price remains low This premium quality food is made in small batches at the mill in Chilliwack, ensuring a low carbon footprint too!

Smart Carts

The only barrow you could fall in love with. {He's not bad either!}

The only barrow you could fall in love with. {He’s not bad either!}

We are the Island supplier of what we believe to be the best wheel barrow made.

We are so convinced of this that we will refund your money if you buy one and find it doesn’t live up to your expectations after a week of use! These barrows don’t end up in the trash pile, all parts are available for repair of worn or damaged barrows.

Electric Fencing


We are a dealer for Ferris Fencing and always have a wide range of electric fence materials and units available, backed up by Normans knowledgeable help when it comes to installing, trouble shooting or planning an installation. We love the safety, flexibility and effectiveness of a well installed electric fence system.

Fence panels and gates

We have a range of gates and panels available along with some t posts and mesh fence materialsRide through gate

Gates from 4ft to 16ft.

Gates from 4ft to 16ft.

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