About us

 If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

We apply our motto to all aspects of our life, leading us to sell only products that we use and believe in.

White House Stables is a family run operation that offers a wide range of services from farm feed and products to farm raised livestock, hay delivery to educational workshops. As a family run business, we realize that our hours can be inconvenient, so we offer a personal service. If you call us during business hours we can try to arrange out-of-hours product pick up and services.

From raising champion racehorses to rare breed chickens, White House Stables takes pride in feeding the animals only the best quality feed and treating them with respect. Our accomplishments and those of our customers, extend within the agricultural community in the Saanich Peninsula, creating a tight-knit and personable family.

The environment is one of our greatest passions and we try to do as little damage as we can. Herbicides and pesticides have no home at White House Stables, and haven’t for the 38 years we have lived here. The products we sell are consciously selected for their environmental standards, ranging from Canadian made pet foods to long-lasting wheelbarrows. As we hate throwing things away, many of the items we sell can be repaired or replaced on our farm. We also won’t sell something we don’t think helps the animals we all love, so no rubber mats on sale at White House Stables. Ask us why?

Our exceptional work ethic and responsibility have gained us respect within our community; our old fashioned services and deep-rooted product knowledge have kept our customers happy  and they keep coming back!

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