September Hay Analysis : UPDATED

New batch of 2nd Cut Timothy now available. Alfalfa is still in stock.

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Birds For Sale


Red bovan

Red Bovans

We have 10 week Red Bovans for sale. Guaranteed girls. This European breed has all the traditional traits loved in chickens, whilst being excellent producers. Unlike the N. American counterparts, no clipped beaks.

Price average : $15  Inclined to increase as they mature.



We have a small stock of Sasso’s at point-of-lay available. Lovely coloring, pasture-raised and free-run.

Price : $28

Delivery Service News

yellow tractor in asphalt road

Due to rotting on our chassis, we’ve had to retire the delivery truck.

While we explore the best way to move forward, there will be no delivery services for at least 6 weeks.

If you – or anyone you know – are looking for independent and rewarding work for 6-8 days a month, please get in touch. Own strong flat deck and a strong set of arms are required.

Our staff are still more than happy to load up your hay / feed / supplies here at White House Stables.

Thanks for all your support of our delivery service over the last 24 years!

8 Weeks Old Layers



8 week old Red Bovans available now. Price average is $14 depending on quantity – increasing as they mature. Guaranteed girls, this European breed of laying bird has all the traditional traits loved in chickens whilst being an excellent producer.
Unlike the N American counterparts, no clipped beaks. Call 250 656 8701 for more details.

2019 Stable Sale

August 23rd – 25th

Drop by White House Stables (9774 West Saanich Rd) for an annual Stable Sale, running Friday – Sunday August. 23rd – 25th

What’s to look forward to?

 Antique Furniture

(including a dry sink, honey extraction table, old stove / oven and regular household furniture!)

Electrical Fencing Equipment

(new and used)

Discounted Farm Misc

(wheelbarrows, chicken waters, chick
cages and more!)

Office Supplies

(staplers, rulers etc)

Animal toys

(jollyballs, chewies)

Rain Water Collections

(barrels, taps, catchers etc)


While here, explore the wide variety of panels, shelters, feeds, tools and livestock equipment we have available!

New Products | July 2019

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new products to White House Stables.


Velocity $300CAD

A new, natural and topical ointment designed to accelerate healing and promote recovery of athletic horses. Patented product that takes Carnosine directly to the muscles, through the skin. You can read more about this exciting product here. 


Certified Organic Gardening Straw $22.95

An organic replica to our pre-existing healthi-straw! Perfect for mulching and moisture retention, alongside a beautiful additive to compost! Makes great bedding for small animals such as chickens or rabbits. You can find their website here. 


Low Sugar Orchard Grass

A fresh delivery of 2019 first cut orchard hay from Washington. Attached are both analyses, the farmers and ours.

Hay Analysis 1st Cut 2019 (Farmer)Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.00.06 PM

Chicken Workshop

mm852 Daylesford Organic


Saturday July 6th at 11am

$40 per person

at White House Stables Farm

Backyard chickens – It’s easy when you know how!

A 2 hour hands on, common sense workshop on how to ensure your chickens give you and your family an excellent source of local food and lots of pleasure. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of starting a back-yard flock.

We have raised chickens on our small peninsula farm for over 30 years, experimenting with many different breeds, learning through experience what works and what doesn’t. This workshop will help you bring food production to a personal level…and provide you with information even Google doesn’t carry.

Reserve your place. Limit 12 participants per workshop