New Products | July 2019

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new products to White House Stables.


Velocity $300CAD

A new, natural and topical ointment designed to accelerate healing and promote recovery of athletic horses. Patented product that takes Carnosine directly to the muscles, through the skin. You can read more about this exciting product here. 


Certified Organic Gardening Straw $22.95

An organic replica to our pre-existing healthi-straw! Perfect for mulching and moisture retention, alongside a beautiful additive to compost! Makes great bedding for small animals such as chickens or rabbits. You can find their website here. 


Low Sugar Orchard Grass

A fresh delivery of 2019 first cut orchard hay from Washington. Attached are both analyses, the farmers and ours.

Hay Analysis 1st Cut 2019 (Farmer)Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 5.00.06 PM

Chicken Workshop

mm852 Daylesford Organic


Saturday July 6th at 11am

$40 per person

at White House Stables Farm

Backyard chickens – It’s easy when you know how!

A 2 hour hands on, common sense workshop on how to ensure your chickens give you and your family an excellent source of local food and lots of pleasure. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of starting a back-yard flock.

We have raised chickens on our small peninsula farm for over 30 years, experimenting with many different breeds, learning through experience what works and what doesn’t. This workshop will help you bring food production to a personal level…and provide you with information even Google doesn’t carry.

Reserve your place. Limit 12 participants per workshop

We’re Hiring!


Full-time 40hrs/wk

Training to start in April

Must be able to work Friday-Sunday

The Farm:

We are a 10 acre mixed farm on the beautiful Saanich Penninsula. We moved to this historic farm in 1984 and ever since have been working passionately to create as sustainable a place as we can.  We operate a farm feed and supply store, breed thoroughbred racehorses, raise poultry and sometimes, animals for meat.  Sustainable initiatives include rainwater harvesting, solar panels, food production, a composting toilet, and an integrated permaculture water management system and food forest.  Our dogs, cats, and donkey roam the farm and keep us smiling on a daily basis.

The Position:

–       Loading customers’ vehicles with grain/hay/fencing etc.

–       Maintaining a clean and organized storefront and supply area

–       Maintenance of all areas of the farm: mowing, fixing and installing fences, weeding, planting, harvesting, animal husbandry and other jobs as they arise

–       Deliveries of hay, grain & farm supplies to our customers

The Ideal Candidate:

–       Is in excellent physical condition, able to lift 50lbs without assistance

–       Is excited to work mainly outdoors and on their feet all day

–       Is seeking long-term, meaningful and stable employment

–       Enjoys a variety of work activities; each day is different then the last!

–       Is happy working as part of a team or alone, depending on the task

–       Demonstrates an interest in sustainable living and agricultural practices

–       Is always seeking to learn new skills and ideas

It would be a bonus if you have:

–       Previous experience working on a farm, in agriculture, or landscaping

–       Experience running equipment ie: lawnmower, tractor, forklift

–       Valid driver’s license and ability to drive trucks

–       Experience working around and handling horses

What We Offer

–       Full-time, meaningful employment

–       A holistic learning experience

–       On the job training and mentorship

–       Room for growth, your ideas and input are important to us

–       Performance based pay-raises

–       Possibility of on-farm accommodation

–       Supply of farm grown vegetables, fruits, eggs etc.

–       Space to grow your own garden if interested

–       Starting wage $12 – $15 / hour, depending on experience

Email Nicky at a cover letter, resume and 3 references. Only candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Summer 2017

We normally stay open on stat holidays but this is a special one.

We will be Closed Saturday July 1st.



Yesterday we had a solar array installed by Viridian Energy Co op which should have us carbon neutral on our farm, in the store and workshop. We had hesitated to move forward on this long planned project but finally took the plunge and feel really good about it. Another green initiative is the return of the new pro form feed sacks, which are a #5 recyclable. We have a tote for you to put them in and we will be recycling it when full. IMG_5440

In the meantime Constance has been farming the land and it’s an oasis out there! Great meat and veggies that you can buy with confidence, that she sells through the store and farm markets.

You can order directly from Constance, text or call her at 778 922 2822 or

e mail  her at

Easter weekend

We will be open our usual hours

To celebrate Easter, Spring and that life here on Vancouver Island is good, we will have some great specials & savings this weekend only on feed and supplies.

Certain feeds will be $2 off a bag, come by and see what they are.

Certain farm hardware supplies will be discounted 10%

Check out our facebook page for clues on what the discounts are on.

Spring means baby animals and we have a few of those to!



Almost Spring, 2016

Quick up date on the goings on around here. The horses keep us busy every day, playing “tetras” with them, making sure every one gets a chance to stretch their legs and roll in the mud. We have reached that critical “3 week” window on our first in foal mare, Valentine. The camera is up and we are keeping a sharp eye on her.

The yearlings are developing wonderfully, becoming monsters some days, a good thing I think, as they really develop the bodies and minds of runners, just a bit hard on us!!!!

Our sows were both bred this week by Angus so hopefully we’ll be seeing piglets in June.

Patsy cow was delivered by us to her new home with the gents at the Fickle Fig. I’m sure they will produce some great food with her milk after she calves in the summer, we also returned her cousin, Ferdinand, to the crew at Ten Acres. We  love having a truck and trailer that can do the jobs needed by small farmers.

2 of the 3 mares in Vancouver have been bred and will return home this week.

The chickens are starting to pick up egg production, and the orders for Aprils influx of young birds are flowing in. We are almost sold out on the layers, still meat birds left at this point though they are also going fast.

Keep trying to get things planted, weeded and pruned, but must admit that is an area of least importance. The book keeping is pretty intense at this time of year and

attention due to the many deadlines I mustn’t miss!

In the mean time we keep providing great hay and straw to our clients, another beautiful big load [36 tons] filled the barn today, so with that, I will go soak in a bath before finishing off [ie checking all animals and doing a late night feeding]the bedding pellet truck will be here at 7 in the morning and that comes around far too quickly

Chickens For Sale

In 2016 we will be teaming up with Mile End Farm to offer meat birds and layers at four weeks old (no longer requiring artificial heat). Our first order will start arriving April 7th, 2016. The meat birds are Sassos’, a European breed developed for free ranging. For layers we will have the red and black Bovans’ (guaranteed girls) as well as a few unsexed grey Plymouth Rock.