Deliveries are being taken care of by our brilliant friend Jay. Let us know if you need his contact.

Current Hays in Stock.

Monday Dec 20th

Just arrived a compressed hay, low sugar, Orchard grass with a tiny bit of alfalfa

We unloaded another trailer of 3 string timothy, really heavy, 122lbs! and a lighter 93lb 3rd cut alfalfa, Below are the tests for both of these hays

We are seeing slightly lower proteins combined with slightly higher sugars on all the timothy in stock, in the 14.5 – 15.5 range for the WSC… water soluble carbs [this means you can lower the sugar by soaking it]

We also still have compressed timothy and the 3rd cut Alfalfa.

After receiving hay on the hottest day of the year, this time it arrived when the weather bomb caused ferry cancellations, so our FANTASTIC supplier yet again came the night before, whilst the ferries were still running.

Sunrise Oct 25th 2021
A dry but wild windy unload

New stock includes a 3rd cut washington alfalfa, 98lb bales

Also arrived this week is a new crop of compressed timothy, not as low in sugar as last years, but still might suit some folk. Test below

The day the thermometer reached 40C