Deliveries are being taken care of by our brilliant friend Jay. Let us know if you need his contact.

2021 hay arrived.

The timothy has sold out fast, and so now we have a new hay, a 1st cut orchard grass.

Lovely looking hay, soft and pretty low sugar, test attached

The 1st cut alfalfa is meeting the approval of our animal customers, it’s not too dry, so easily eaten, the sheep and horses both gave it a thumbs up.

The day the thermometer reached 40C

1st Cut Alfalfa – 86lb bales

We also still have the 3rd cut alfalfa that also has met the needs of the old horse population. We still have the compessed timothy available which has super low sugar Its test is at the end of this page.


Compressed 2nd Cut Washington Timothy – 65lb bales



Current analysis of in-stock hay at White House Stables:

 2nd Cut 2020 Washington Timothy COMPRESSED BALES: