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Ways to eliminate hay waste!

We have a variety of great quality hay feeders, featuring money saving ways to not waste this now very expensive, yet absolutely essential to our animals, feed. Talk to us for ways to make sure your feed budget is spent wisely, we care that our horse partners stay happy and healthy.


We are currently carrying compressed hay. These small bundles weigh in between 55 – 65 lb and 24 bales fit on a pallet taking up much less space then 24 regular bales of that weight.This means you can easily store more in less space, we have customers fitting 10 bales in their hatch backs!

For those purchasing a pallet of 24 we offer $1/bale discount. When cash, debit or e transfer is used to purchase we add another $0.5/bale discount

We have 4 types of hay in stock, Prices from $27 – $39/bale.

  • Timothy 1st cut
  • Timothy 2nd cut Out of stock [Restock march 17th]
  • Timothy 3rd cut
  • Alfalfa 4th cut Out of stock as above
  • Orchard Grass 3rd cut
  • Teff 1st cut (NEW! Low Sugar!)

Hay Test Results

Timothy 1st cut
Timothy 2nd cut
Timothy 3rd cut
Alfalfa 4th cut
Orchard Grass 3rd cut

The day the thermometer reached 40C