Deliveries are being taken care of by our brilliant friend Jay. Let us know if you need his contact.

New Hay Just In:

We are well stocked with a wide variety of timothy bales Here are 2 new tests, one for the latest delivery of 2nd cut timothy – 80 pound bales. also a small amount of 1st cut timothy, might suit some of you with hay burners extraordinaire. Never before have we had such a variety of timothy!

We just received a 2 string, 2nd cut timothy, 86lb bales

It has a lovely test for those looking for low sugar and good chew time…here is the analysis

Also a 4th cut Alfalfa, 97lb bales


2nd Cut Washington Timothy – 110lb bales

Compressed 2nd Cut Washington Timothy – 65lb bales



Current analysis of in-stock hay at White House Stables:

2nd Cut 2020 Washington Timothy:

 2nd Cut 2020 Washington Timothy COMPRESSED BALES:

1st Cut 2020 Washington Alfalfa:

Alfalfa June 2020.4125 white house stables