We still have a wide range of products,  we’ve pulled some products outside or you can check on the website. Like every aspect of the supply chains, we are seeing shortages and interruptions of supply. We are doing our best to try and think outside the “box”  and taking names and phone numbers for products delayed.


We provide Hi Pro feeds for all livestock

Horses |Poultry| Pigs | Cows | Sheep | Goats |Dogs | Cats | Fish |

Bird Seed

Poultry Supplies

From Feeders to Heat Lamps and Incubators, we carry all supplies needed to get your flock started.



We carry the Stall Bedding Pellets (which expand to the bedding pictured below…) along with Straw Bales, Bagged Shavings and Bagged Farm Straw.

IMG_8170.jpg DSC_1206

Shaving Bed


Stall Dry



We have an assortment of fencing options available.


Instant, safe and portable, we provide livestock panels designed for Goats, Sheep, Horses and Cows. Prices fluctuate considerably between the brands and sizes.


Our Electrical Fencing department is constantly growing. We can guarantee you’ll find what you need in our shop.DSC_1050

*NEW* Healthi Straw Organic:


Our certified organic healthi straw is now available! Great for mulching around your veggies as well as keeping your flock of chickens cozy and clean.

Farm – Grown

Seasonal produce and occasional meat from our farm. We sell our crop of racehorse yearlings every September at CTHS BC auction


We carry locally made horse and dog treats.

Dog Treats :

Horse Treats :

Recent Posts


As this year nears the end, with dark wet nights, I am looking forward to getting beyond the shortest day on Dec 21st. The chickens are very receptive to the daylight increase, and start laying more quite soon after that point in time. I love how this photo captures not only the colour mix but the size mix that occurs with our gorgeous flock of birds.

We will be closed, phones turned off and emails ignored! from 1pm on Friday Dec 24th until 10.30am on Sunday Jan 2nd to spend time with our kids and Iris, our grand daughter, definitely the bright light of 2021.

To perhaps make life easier for our customers, we will add a day, opening on Thursday Dec 23rd from 10.30 – 4.30.

Please stay safe everyone, we are continuing to operate outside as much as possible, masks mandatory and with e transfer the best way to avoid covid transfer!, though we do take all methods of payment!

We have great stock of most things, as ready as possible for whatever the world throws at us next. We certainly feel blessed to live on the Saanich peninsula, where we seem to have dodged a lot of issues that others in BC have had to deal with.

Best wishes from all of us at White House Stables for the Christmas break and New Year

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