We have a wide range of useful, tested products, Like every aspect of the supply chains, we are seeing shortages and interruptions of supply. We are doing our best to try and think outside the “box”  and taking names and phone numbers for products delayed.

Arrived August 2022 From High Country Plastics

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New Dura Cart in a 7 and 11 cu ft option with Worry free tires

Slow Hay feeders, make for less waste of our expensive hay. Easy to use.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_9056.jpg

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We provide Hi Pro feeds for all livestock, Including the unique Step horse Feeds made using extrusion and vacuum infusing technologies, which is why only unhydrogenated fats can be used. Other companies have to use hydrogenated fats, commonly palm oil to add oil to their feeds

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Bird Seed

Poultry Supplies

From Feeders to Heat Lamps and Incubators, we carry all supplies needed to get your flock started.



We carry the Stall Bedding Pellets (which expand to the bedding pictured below…) along with Straw Bales, Bagged Shavings and Bagged Farm Straw.

IMG_8170.jpg DSC_1206

Shaving Bed


Stall Dry



We have an assortment of fencing options available.


Instant, safe and portable, we provide livestock panels designed for Goats, Sheep, Horses and Cows. Prices fluctuate considerably between the brands and sizes.


Our Electrical Fencing department is constantly growing. We can guarantee you’ll find what you need in our shop.DSC_1050

*NEW* Healthi Straw Organic:


Our certified organic healthi straw is now available! Great for mulching around your veggies as well as keeping your flock of chickens cozy and clean.

Farm – Grown

Seasonal produce and occasional meat from our farm. Turkeys, eggs, beef to come!


We carry locally made horse and dog treats.

Dog Treats :

Recent Posts

Bluebells, Ring in the start of summer. A photo album update!!!!

With the May Long Weekend fast approaching had to share these pictures of the entrance to our farm at possibly it’s prettiest. Don’t forget we will be closed, Saturday May 20th

We have added a huge range of different hays, minerals and other new stuff, stop by and see what’s happening. Waiting on a grandson arriving imminently, so much happening here!!!!

The farm is constantly evolving…

We have new arrivals, including 3 gorgeous calves. Our young Jersey bull, Marcus, has been frolicking with the ladies and we will be selling our young cows, calves and pregnant ladies as a 3 in 1…anyone wishing to get cows please reach out

Another new addition to the farm this spring has been sheep, we are thoroughly enjoying their footprint on the farm, no mowing and the associated carbon footprint and work involved whilst fertilizing at the same time…

We have welcomed foals this spring at a distance, in Ontario and Alberta, all while we watch progeny bred by us race across Canada. As I said at the start of this post it is a constantly changing world

This colt at 2 days old is by Canadian top thoroughbred sire in 2022, Silent Name, out of Sonja’s Joy, daughter of our champion mare Chilli Chines.

Chilli Chines also had a colt, in Alberta, so White House Stables breeding has expanded across Canada! Her 7yr old, Adrienne’s Aurora is still racing competitively at Century Mile.

We are watching the following horses race in BC this year, He’s a Saint,

Serengetti’s Sunset, C C Sunrise, Jose Jose and Fanny Bay Ali

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