We still have a wide range of products, but because we’re not allowing people to come into the store, we’ve pulled some outside or you can check on the website. Ask, we may not have it but we could bring it in for you.


We provide Hi Pro feeds for all livestock

Horses |Poultry| Pigs | Cows | Sheep | Goats |Dogs | Cats | Fish |



Bird Seed

Poultry Supplies

From Feeders to Heat Lamps and Incubators, we carry all supplies needed to get your flock started.



We carry the Stall Bedding Pellets (which expand to the bedding pictured below…) along with Straw Bales, Bagged Shavings and Bagged Farm Straw.

IMG_8170.jpg DSC_1206

Shaving Bed


Stall Dry



We have an assortment of fencing options available.


Instant, safe and portable, we provide livestock panels designed for Goats, Sheep, Horses and Cows. Prices fluctuate considerably between the brands and sizes.




Our Electrical Fencing department is constantly growing. We can guarantee you’ll find what you need in our shop.DSC_1050

*NEW* Healthi Straw Organic:


Our certified organic healthi straw is now available! Great for mulching around your veggies as well as keeping your flock of chickens cozy and clean.

Farm – Grown

Seasonal produce and occasional meat from our farm. We sell our crop of racehorse yearlings every September at CTHS BC auction


We carry locally made horse and dog treats.

Dog Treats :

Horse Treats :



Recent Posts

Winter & Covid

After an amazing summer where Covid didn’t take over our lifestyles as much as we had feared [The outdoor wedding did not need cancelling!] we are now taking new steps to do our part to keep the community safe when visiting and shopping at the farm. We have moved the shop back inside to protect people and product from the winter weather, so we will encourage your on line orders and payments, {E mail has it’s upside!] whereby we just load your vehicle and keep human interactions to a minimum. For those coming into the store we require face masks at all times and limit indoor customers to 3. If you have ideas to share please do, as we all want to be able to at least enjoy Xmas with our families….

Chilling out and social distancing in the winter sunshine
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