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We offer delivery of all our products. In this busy world our customers really appreciate our service & it saves their backs!

Call at the start of a week & we should be able to get that feed, bedding or hay into your barn by the end of the week.

In the 23 years we have amassed a lot of experience and are happy to try and help customers not repeat mistakes we or others have made. Life is too short and it’s great to do things once only, by choosing the right way to build your barn , paddocks, situate gates, manure heaps, chicken tractors etc. etc. That said we never stop learning and and are happy to try new approaches, we always ask why? and so should you. We will try and give you a good answer.

Practical horse feeding, This is something we take very seriously and are happy to share the whys and wherefores, the science and the art….. many people look to us for advice and we hope we are able to help most of them.

$50 per ton


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Throughout the year, White House Stables presents several workshops touching on a variety of topics. To stay up to date with upcoming events, Like us on our FaceBook page here.


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