Our deliveries are currently contracted out. If you need your supplies delivered – within the radius of the Saanich peninsula – we’re happy to put you in touch with the current driver.

Phone Consultation

We now offer phone consultation to provide years worth of knowledge acquired through a life time of growing our own food and raising livestock. Whether it’s designing a productive growing space to installing an electric fence, these consultations will provide you with information relevant to your situation and specific needs. These are not marketing consultations and we’ll never pressure customers into non-essential purchases as we care for the environment and hate to encourage consumerism. Price varies, with a minimum payment of $20. $100 / hour.

Workshops First one post Covid  April 6th 2022

woman carrying hen

Throughout the year, White House Stables presents several workshops touching on a variety of topics. To stay up to date with upcoming events, Like us on our FaceBook page here.


t-post pounder

We provide a variety of equipment for rent including (but not limited to)

– Post pounder

– Hay tester

– Chicken plucking equipment

-Fence panels

-Chicken transport cages