Contact & Hours



Fridays 11AM – 3PM
Saturdays 11AM – 3PM
Sundays  11AM – 3PM
Other days by appointment only, please contact us and we can try & set up a time to help you.


250 656 8701


Contact –  We try to respond to all phone& e mail messages within 24hours.

April 11th 2020 : We are finding that the most effective way of doing business is for people to e-mail their requests, we e-mail an invoice, e-transfer works awesome and let us know when you want to pick it up. During the week we are leaving things out on the drive-way. Opening hours, come on in and we load you. Most times, you never need to get out of your vehicle.

March 20th 2020 : We are stretched at this time so please don’t take offense if we don’t get back to you or are late responding.. it’s just our human-ness

9774 West Saanich Road, North Saanich, B.C V8L 5T5

1 thought on “Contact & Hours

  1. 4 week old Brown Bovans will be $10 each on Dec 18th. They are a good free range heavy layer, we also have 6 week old Black Bovans arriving on Jan 2nd, a lighter bodied bird, $12. We give discounts on large numbers. I have both types of bird in my flock if you’d like to see what they look like. Thanks Nicky

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