Great NEW hours for the farm shop as of May 2nd 2022

NOW open 4 days a week, Wednesday through Saturday.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10.30 – 5

SATURDAY 9 – 5.. Early opening

Closed Sundays through Tuesdays.


We will see how these new hours work for everyone, feedback is welcome.

Hoping to make life work for all, whilst coping with staff changes and making time in our lives for our family.

Watch for upcoming feed specials to help us all with the rising costs of our beloved animals

We plan on closing Saturdays on all long weekends.

Smiling in the Spring

Sunshine gives us all a smiling face

Spring Flowers make me smile

With the arrival of light nights and April I am running my first Chicken workshop in 3 years!

Contact me for details.

We are continuing to work hard to provide all the small farmers and gardeners with what they need , sometimes having to be extremely patient whilst supplies wend their way to the Island.

We are thankful to the suppliers that we have built relationships up with over the years as they try so hard for us.

Our Chickens and cows are thriving as are the plants on the farm. We are constantly adding to the diversity and resilience of the land and soil, to make sure a food supply is possible even if inputs dry up… what a fascinating world we are journeying in.

Work with it, has become my motto