April in action at White House Stables farm

We have a very busy month with twice daily milking of Bella, our beautiful Jersey.Daily  handling of our lovely Second In Command foal, Sarah who had to graduate to the next size up halter, she is growing so big! Her mum Serengeti Sunrise, had her 2nd ultrasound exam to confirm her pregnancy on Thursday, a heart beat is seen at 30 days, amazing. Precious is looking enormous with just over a month to go before her expected foaling. We will be picking up our 3 mares from  Roads End Farm on my return from Toronto, for the Canadian sovereign awards, April 11th. I’m looking forward to see how racing & breeding in the biggest jurisdiction in Canada  compares with what is going on here in BC and of course on our farm here on Vancouver Island.

Watching various feathered birds sitting on eggs, having seen the first clutch of ducklings through it’s first vulnerable couple of weeks. 400 Chicks arrive on April 27th for sale to our customers, both layers and meat types.

Patsy the heifer calf is racing around her mother, Zenyatta, thriving on all that great milk being produced and reminding us of how Zenyatta earned her name, calves can run very Fast! Talking of running fast, Hello Frankie runs today at Santa Anita, and Hollywood Miss is expected to run in the opening day stake at Hastings. Andallthatitmeans has been working steadily at Golden Gate for his return to the races, we’re waiting to see where he will be entered….

Food from grass

Food from grass