ACCOMODATING CHANGES in feed availability

SALE on the Step and Natural Harvest lines of Pro Form feeds

SAVE $1.50 off a bag until the end of June.

We appreciate that life’s tough enough, without adding unexpected supply issues. To accommodate the peninsula poultry and horse folk who, like us, value the quality feeds from Pro Form, we will be providing a temporary extra service.

For the next couple of weeks we will be checking phone messages and e mails, mornings and evenings on days we are closed, so we can put feed out in our pick up shelter. Call 250 656 8701 and leave a message or e mail

If you need Step feeds and or the Natural Harvest line of Non GMO poultry feeds outside of our opening hours, we will do our best to make sure the animals in our lives don’t have to adjust!

We are here to help.

Summer? Changes are happening here, and not just climate changes

What a crazy spring in so many ways. But we continue to “work with it”

Avian Flu has us all protecting our flocks in the best ways we can, changing how we do everything. see picture for how much grass they consume, before we move the cages.

Our thanksgiving turkeys arrive as day old chicks next week, and will start out inside, but hopefully ,will be able to graduate to grass fields if the Avian flu disappears with the end of bird migrations. Covid taught us to be super flexible to change, we will apply that lesson as needed to our birds.

We are doing more, as our wonderful hard working young men go out into their world, Brayden to a possible exciting career, after slogging here in all weathers for almost 5 years and Kash graduates and is heading out East in July. The bees are working hard too

We changed our days and hours of opening in May, we like the new regime and hope you do to.

We loaded more hay in the barn, so thankful to have such great suppliers, and therefore not needing to be as restrictive to our customers, whilst we wait for a 2022 hay crop.

We are bringing in MORE Pro Form feeds, in particular the Step Horse feeds and the Natural Harvest range of Non GMO poultry feeds, as the Saanich Peninsula steps back to the way things were, when we opened our doors almost 30 years ago. At that time we were the sole supplier of Pro Form and we are still here, filling that role again, as things change around us. We did so because we believe in the quality of the product.

For eg. as we all know, a bag of dog food can range in price from $20 – to more then $100 a bag, depending on the quality of inputs.

Cheaper inputs = less digestibility, so you feed more and get more out at the other end to clean up after!

The same applies to all the feeds we give our animals. We expect a lot of, either horses in performance and growth, OR the farm animals.We believe we are what we eat, so prefer to avoid having things like colour dyes in our chicken food to get strong coloured yolks. The colour can and does, in Pro Form feeds, come from the feed itself, not a chemical dye added.
the same can be applied to all the other sources of inputs that make up the animal feed industry.