Livestock Feed
Pro Form feeds – complete range from koi to cow, chickens to llamas.

Brand new addition to the line is a NON GMO pig food, always in stock

The new Natural Harvest line  of Non GMO chicken food for all your birds, in a step program to suit the age and type of bird, all proteins and grains sourced in N America, is proving a winner. The superior digestibility means you use less feed to get great results, from healthy well grown meat birds to excellent egg production from your layers, all with less manure produced! Try it, we’re confident you will see a difference in your birds.
For horses we have the great Step program, with again only the best quality of ingredients availalble, ensuring your feed exceeds your expectations! The added hoof package in all the step feeds is showing up in great hooves, 6 months after it’s addition into the line.The program has a feed for all types of horses from Broodmares, competition animals to growing horses and your backyard pet. For insulin resistant & laminitic horses we have special high fibre, low sugar options also available in High fat extruded options for those animals needing calories without the grain.

A range of Certified Organic feed made by Country Junction.
Hay – top quality from B.C. Interior and Washington.We test all our hay loads

Currently a low sugar 2nd cut Timothy from Washington plus a lovely soft alfalfa in a 3 string bale. Both hay tests available to our customers

Alfalfa & alfalfa timothy cubes from
Bird seed from Sun County Farms
Kennel Blend pet food from Hi Pro feeds for your dog and cats

Straw, white shavings and Armstrong pet comfort pine pellets.

Also Fir fuel pellets for your pellet stove. We have great prices!


Equine Choice Probiotics  from Healthy Horses  For answers to your questions Q & A probiotics

Recovery and Renewal, A Vancouver Island neutraceutical company
Fly parasites for organic control of flies, Goodbugs and Kunafin
Amazing fly tape from Sweden
Hoof care products including Keratex, Farriers Formula, Venice Turpentine, Kopper care, and many more
Chickens, turkeys, geese, heritage pigs, Jersey dairy cows
racehorses & young stock,
Orders taken for our pasture raised birds.
Seasonally available home grown meat & vegetables

Gates and round pens (Behlen County, Hallman, Red Snapper)
Fence supplies,  electric fence products. Kiwi gate latches.wire mesh in all heights and types, from chicken to deer and the horse safe wire mesh too1
Smart Carts,
Though initially a costly purchase, as a tool used day in day out, year in year out, you’ll never experience buyers remorse, we guarantee it, Smart Carts – try one for a week.

A big shipment just arrived, so we now have a great choice of size and colour.

We like customers to be happy, so we offer a 12 month payment plan to make them affordable to all.

Gaitpost and Saddle up magazines