Climate Changing. “Work with it”

After receiving hay on the Hottest day in 2021, this time it arrived when the Lowest pressure ever recorded sat off our coast. The “weather bomb” caused ferry cancellations, so our FANTASTIC supplier yet again came the night before, whilst the ferries were still running.

As farmers, we directly experience the changing climate in our daily work in the elements, and what it does to us our crops and our souls.

A great customer and friend, cried with me in the 40C heat and my motto was born out of that moment “Work with it” So we continue putting “climate caring” at the top of our list when it comes to our actions and decisions. We want our grand kids to have a future.

So we do our best to mitigate our own carbon emissions, a second set of solar panels will be making there way onto the barn roof, we grow with nature, helping absorb carbon into the soil not releasing it. Our “big trip ” for a significant birthday will involve a short ferry ride, no flights involved. Lets hope someone in the world can show the leadership we all need to act now!

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