Halloween – Watch what you eat

On this farm we value life. We are always looking for ways to avoid using chemical fixes for problems.

More on how we do that in another post, though look at the “unusual” house our laying birds live in and ask why we do that… The food we eat is sometimes buggy and that’s ok, sometimes fails and that’s ok, We have a wide diversity of everything for that very reason, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!”

I watched this documentary [twice in 4 nights] It is one and a half hours long, which if you know me, is Not what I do.

and cannot recommend it enough. If you would like to try and understand why we MUST take control of what we eat, this is a huge part of why… Maybe we can start a movement in North Saanich, to stop using chemical means to clean our environment, as a tiny step in changing our world.

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