Poultry & education



How to raise baby chicks

Tips for managing your laying flock

Understanding the different types of poultry feed

Chicken terminology


A male adult chicken, beautiful but noisy, a flock of hens don’t need a  rooster to be productive but the eggs can’t be fertile without a rooster around.


A female adult chicken, produces eggs

Point of Lay

A chicken at the start of it’s reproductive, egg laying life. The age a chicken reaches point of lay varies depending on breed and time of year, from 17 weeks old and up to 6 or 7 months for the “rare” breeds. They are rare for a reason!

pullet a young female hen

We now have a chicken plucker for rent! Makes processing your own birds a lot quicker and it really isn’t that hard. we will run a teaching session on how to process your own birds at some point this year.
We have chicken feeders, waterers, incubators & even commercial 10 ft waterers, great for those raising 50 – 100 meat birds.
We’ve been raising birds for over 30 years. We have a mixed flock of free range laying birds, we stick mainly with the proven cross bred layers but about 40% of the flock are “rare” breeds, ensuring genetic diversity & we hope survival in extreme conditions, eg. earthquakes, diseases & ferry crisis, meaning no feed on the island. Egg buyers are welcome to see our flock & know where their food comes from. Roosters run with our birds for protection & so our eggs are fertile & could be taken & incubated. We are feeding a NON GMO ration to supplement their foraging. All chicken feed sold in BC is vegetable based. Like dog food , the quality and digestibility of what you feed your chickens will be evident in their health and production. We believe that Pro Forms rations are superior and our customers confirm that with anecdotes about how much less feed they need and less manure is produced.

Chicken Workshops, Coming Soon…..July 2019

We offer a 2 hour practical session about chickens, learn about what’s needed to house & feed them, what pitfalls to avoid, how to provide your family with good food daily & reduce your carbon footprint. The 100 yard diet!!!

day old chicks


2 thoughts on “Poultry & education

  1. Hi Nicky,
    just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the chicken workshop yesterday. I learned a great deal even after having chickens for five years. Your workshop was interesting and informative and it was a treat to see your farm and to spend time with like minded people!

    thanks so much for offering it….hope lots of people come to your next two workshops!

  2. Nicky,

    Great talk about the chickens! I am so very excited to get my day old chicks in April and you made it so very common sense – like!

    Your farm is absolutely lovely – and my bread turned out FABULOUS! Great flour!!!

    Cheers, Shaunessey

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