We unloaded a hay truck of Timothy and Alfalfa at the start of this hot week, bringing back memories of a year ago, though what a difference 6-8 degrees makes, Hot but workable

Since Buckerfields lost the Pro Form feed distributorship, after the chain changed ownership, White House Stables farm has been enjoying welcoming back old customers and meeting new ones. We have been a distributor since we opened in 1994 and continue to value the great feeds made in Chilliwack including the fantastically digestible extruded feeds, filled with the good for our horses, omega 3 fat sources, not the hydrogenated vegetable fats that has to be used in pelleted feeds

We are closed this coming BC Day long weekend to enjoy some family time, but you still have until Friday at 5 pm to stock up, We re open on Wednesday August 3rd at 10.30 am.

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