White House Stables 2014 foals

On a very beautiful warm, still evening at 2am on Feb 2nd Serengeti foaled a beautiful healthy filly. We’ve called her Sarah, in honour of Sarah Hughes a young friend and volunteer who was here that night to witness the magic. It also seems to fit in an “S” theme, Mum Serengeti, Stanley, last years colt and his full sister Sarah….

Nature is amazing equipping these early foals with wooly fur coats to cope with the vagaries of February weather. Mum fed her well in utero too, as she looks to have a great layer of fat covering that little body.

Sarah, 12 hours old

Sarah, 12 hours old

IMG_4341 IMG_4392 IMG_4387

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2014, Whats new on the farm

We have sourced a fabulous line of portable panels that compliment our unique range of quality products. These panels are strongly made and priced very well,  from under $100 to over $200 a panel depending on the weight of steel used and length of panel. Portable panels allow you piece of mind when keeping livestock away from trouble, and you can adapt to the changes made as animal populations change in species, size and temperament over the years. A 50ft round pen with 15 ten foot panels and a ride through 6 foot gate will cost you only $1800.00, mesh  10 foot panelsRide through gate8 foot panel construction of panels



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At some times of the year you’ll actually be able to keep up to date on the daily farm happenings, especially when it’s dark in the evenings!!!!


Our new hours are 9 – 5 Friday and Saturday and 11 – 4 on Sundays

Weekdays by appointment, Call ahead 250 656 8701. or by chance.

We really appreciate all of our loyal customers who have been able to adjust to the new regime, we have been able to keep on top of the many aspects of the farm, whilst being your local feed store and supplier of farm fresh food on weekends.